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Furniture Rental

Renting furniture is a wonderfully versatile way of furnishing a property, offering a more cost-effective & flexible solution, without the commitment of long-term ownership. It’s also a more tax efficient way of providing a furnished property.

It’s particularly useful during transitions such as relocation from overseas, where our service can help take some of the hassle away from your move. With a varied selection of styles to choose from, all regularly updated to match current trends, renting allows for a full furniture fit out without the headache at the end of the tenancy.

A rental partner that you can rely on

We can mirror the terms of a tenancy agreement with a break clause where required. Knowing a rental solution can be supplied also benefits an agent and tenant when viewing properties, not limiting them to furnished options only.

We’re experienced in handling all manner of clients requiring rental furniture; Whether it’s required for emergency housing following an insurance claim, where urgency & sensitivity in a challenging time is paramount, or furnishing a prime property for a footballer moving clubs, where a discreet approach is vital. Working together with corporate relocation desks across the UK, we’re a partner you can rely on, whatever the requirement.

Furniture Rental - The Benefits

Renting furniture presents numerous advantages, offering flexibility and convenience, particularly in diverse living situations.
Some of these advantages include:


Renting furniture is a more affordable option, particularly for short-term needs, providing access to quality furnishings without the upfront expense.


Rental furniture offers adaptability for changing circumstances, such as temporary relocations or short-term assignments.

Quick Setup

Renting involves a hassle-free setup process, including delivery, assembly, and placement, saving time and effort.

No Long-Term Commitment

Renting allows you to enjoy furniture for a specific period without the commitment of ownership, ideal for uncertain living arrangements.

Variety of Styles

We offer a diverse range of styles and designs, allowing you to match your preferences without long-term commitments.


Renting eliminates the responsibility of maintenance and repairs, as we handle any issues during the rental period.

Ideal for Temporary Living

Rental furniture suits temporary living situations like student accommodations or short-term assignments, providing comfort without the need to invest in permanent furnishings.

Up-to-Date Trends

Our inventory reflects the latest styles, allowing you to refresh your space without major investments.

Environmentally Friendly

Renting reduces the demand for new manufacturing and minimises waste, making it environmentally friendly.

No Resale Hassle

Simply return rented furniture when done, avoiding the hassle of selling or disposing of it.

Trial Period

Renting allows you to “try before you buy,” helping you decide on long-term commitments.

Flexible Options

Whether you need single-item rental or a complete inventory, we offer adaptable pricing and contract terms to meet your needs.

We're here to assist you with all your furniture requirement needs

Whether you have questions about our furniture, need assistance with an order, or want to explore our design services, we are here to help. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we look forward to assisting you with any enquiries you may have. Thank you for considering us.