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Property Staging

Staging a property for sale or letting involves furnishing and accessorising the property, enhancing appeal to potential buyers and tenants. It creates a positive first impression, highlighting the property’s key features and potential, aiding online marketing by producing attractive photos.

Staging helps people visualise living spaces and how they can be used, making them envision the property as their own, contributing to faster sales and rentals. Additionally, it increases perceived value providing a competitive edge.

Property Staging - The Benefits

The benefits of property staging are numerous and can significantly impact the selling and letting process, as outlined below:

First Impressions:

Staging ensures a positive and lasting impression for potential buyers and renters.

Highlighting Key Features:

Staging emphasises the property’s standout features and its potential.

Enhanced Online Presence:

Staging enhances the appeal of online listings through captivating photos.

Visualising Space:

Staging helps buyers and renters envision the practical use of each area.

Space Optimisation:

Staging creates an illusion of spaciousness and organisation within the property.

Expedited Sales:

Staged properties tend to sell or rent more quickly, thereby reducing associated costs.

Perceived Value Boost:

Staging elevates the perceived value of the property in the eyes of potential buyers and renters.

Personalisation Mitigation:

Staging minimises personal decor, aiding in potential buyer visualisation.

Competitive Advantage:

Staged properties stand out in a competitive real estate market.

Positive Perception:

A well-staged property reflects care and attention, leading to a more favourable impression overall.

Home Staging Report 2023

Staging continues to prove the most effective way to sell properties and increase viewings, with homebuyers investing more time both exploring staged homes and recognising the value they bring. The Home Staging Association Report 2023, reveals the below:


100% of agents said staging increased the number of viewings

2 x Faster

On average a property sells 2 x faster with staging


Staging increased the offer by an average of 8%


Up to half of all unsold properties would have benefitted from staging

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